At Ace of Sweeps, our chimney cleaning service is centered on creating and maintaining a safe environment for you, your family and in your home. The following services and products are available through Ace of Sweeps:

Chimney Sweeping

 The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and The National Chimney Safety Institute of America (NCSI) recommend inspections every twelve months or following the burning of a full cord of wood. A 1/8” of creosote buildup can cause a fire within

Chimney Caps

chimney cap

Chimney caps are an essential component to the chimney structure. Chimney caps are necessary for protecting your chimney from damaging rain and water, destructive animals (including nesting birds), and leaves. Critter removal (whether dead or alive) can be costly, and

Dryer Vent Services

dryer vent cleaning

Clogged dryer vents were the cause of over 15,000 home fires last year. As your dryer runs, lint accumulates in the ventilation system, impeding the flow of exhausted air from the dryer. This blockage can cause your dryer to overheat,

Chimney Repairs

When it comes to chimney repairs, Ace of Sweeps has seen it all. With over 36 years of experience and repair work on thousands of chimneys across the north Texas area, we are able to provide a solution for any

Pest Removal


One of the results of having no chimney cap or an improperly screened capis the unwelcomed entrance of pests such as squirrels, birds and raccoons. Pests can potentially nest behind the damper or become trapped within your chimney. Ace of

Gas Logs

gas logs

Ace of Sweeps carries and installs a full line of gas logs for your fireplace. We can reset and repair your existing gas logs. Gas logs provide the warmth and comfort of the traditional/conventional fireplace, without the hassle of cleanup

Additional Services

fireplace glass doors

In addition to our services listed above, Ace of Sweeps carries and installs the following products: Glass Doors, Gas logs, Smoke Guards, Flue Tile Extensions for Masonry Fireplaces, Metal Fireplace Extensions, and Refractory Panels (sides and floor/replaced in prefab chimneys)

Our Work


We are proud members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and were presented with the Angie's List Super Services Award.

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