Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ace of Sweeps clean a chimney?

We have a high-powered vacuum that is made to clean a chimney, which we set up in front of the fireplace on large clean drop cloths. We brush the firebox flue from top and bottom. While cleaning, we are conducting a

How long does it take to clean and do a safety inspection on a chimney?

The standard chimney sweep and safety inspection takes approximately an hour and a half.

Do I need to clear the ashes out of the firebox before it is cleaned?

No, that is included in the chimney sweep process and pricing.

Can I have a fire the night before you come to clean the fireplace?

The firebox needs to be completely cool in order to clean the fireplace. Please refrain from any fires for at least 24 hours prior to the cleaning.

Do I need to move anything away from the fireplace before you clean it?

We will move any furniture that may impede our ability to perform the sweep. We need only a few feet, directly in front of the fireplace.

What does it mean if I hear birds in the fireplace? Are they really hurting anything?

If you think you hear birds in your chimney, it is recommended to have it inspected. It is best to make sure they are not “in” the chimney or between the pipes of the prefab type of chimneys.  

I smell a foul odor coming from the fireplace…

We all recognize the smell of a dead animal, and finding one that has made it into the chimney is not unusual. While squirrels and raccoons are the most common animal found in a chimney, we have also removed live

Why do I have a really bad sooty smell coming from the fireplace?

Sometimes, it can be the result of the wood that’s burned.  Other times, a combination of soot and rain back up behind the damper.  Ace of Sweeps will fix this problem.

Can your company fix smoking problems?

Yes. An inspection is required.

What does it mean if I see water/rain in the firebox…

Chimney caps are designed to keep rain, birds and small animals out of your chimney. If you see water or rain, either your chimney cap is damaged or compromised, or you have no cap at all. Ace of Sweeps can

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