Angel Huerta - Technician, and Shelton Calvert, Owner and Head Sweep

Angel Huerta – Technician, and Shelton Calvert, Owner and Head Sweep

With over 36 years of chimney sweeping and dryer vent cleaning experience, we are happy to have many satisfied and returning customers. Ace of Sweeps places our highest emphasis on the cleaning aspects of our service and making certain that the structural integrity of the chimney remains uncompromised. Less than an eighth of an inch of creosote buildup in your chimney walls can cause a serious chimney fire. This can result in a terrifying disaster and one that causes death and hundreds of millions in property damage each year.

When Ace of Sweeps launched in 1978, we anticipated that most of our business would be soot and creosote removal. Although this is a fundamental component of what we do, we find in our area that there are numerous chimneys with problems ranging from poor construction to water damage, due to missing or improperly installed chimney caps.

We commonly find that prefab metal chimneys are not screened-in properly from the manufacturer, thereby allowing birds to deposit nesting debris. By filling the area between the pipes with dry and highly flammable material, an extremely dangerous fire hazard is created.

Our company’s philosophy is centered on safety. From our chimney cleaning and sweeping service to dryer vent cleaning, keeping you and your family protected from the possible hazards is our first concern. We place our highest priority on keeping both your family and home safe, and our extensive experience and industry knowledge make us an unparalleled source for chimney repairs, inspections and accessory installations.

At Ace of Sweeps, we value both your business and your time. We are committed to keeping our appointment times, being punctual and bringing honesty, integrity and knowledge to each and every project.

Deby Calvert and JoAnne Hess

Deby Calvert and JoAnne Hess


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We are proud members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and were presented with the Angie's List Super Services Award.

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